If You Hate Vegetables, You Might Just Enjoy Watching Them Get F*cked

Because seriously, f*ck vegetables, am I right?

Have you ever been told to eat your vegetables so much you just felt like saying “F*ck vegetables!”? Well we found some people who took that literally and, well did f*ck vegetables. So, of course, we had to subject these lovely Brazzers porn stars to the royal reaction video treatment and we prepared them for one heck of a vegetable porn buffet.

In case you’re too afraid to watch the clip, we’ve compiled a highlighted list of our favorite (most disturbing) moments. Bon Appetit!

You can watch as a green onion gets swallowed whole. What a feat!

Have you ever thought “there’s no way an entire, full size, eggplant could fit into someone’s butt”? Think again.

And if you managed to watch all these vegetable porn clips, you’d basically had one of these three following reactions the whole time.

How long did you manage to last through the vegetable porn segments?! Let us know below and suggest any other videos you like us to have Brazzers porn stars react to!

Written by Blake Fraser

Peanut butter aficionado, professional bad joke teller, and gamer to the end of my days.