FAKE Taxi’s Creator is Hosting a Reddit Ask-Me-Anything in Celebration of 500 Rides

Strap yourselves in.

Yes, that’s right, the internationally recognized FAKE Taxi just drove its 500th ride with 3 passengers in the vehicle, and it’s time for celebration.

FAKE Taxi is celebrating its 500th ride ever with a triple-passenger ride, starring: Victoria Summers, Diverse Stacey & Valerie Foxx.

Not only is the vehicle going to be more jam-packed than ever, but one of the creators is hopping onto r/FakeTaxiAMA to host a Reddit ‘Ask-Me-Anything’ (AMA)! Fans are encouraged to submit new ideas for scenes, FAKE site concepts, and what they’d like to see more of from FAKE Taxi and FAKEhub.

We sat down with Lew, the Head of Production at Really Useful, to discuss the Reddit AMA.

For those who aren’t familiar with you, who are you and what role do you play at FAKE Taxi?

My name is Lew and I’m Head of Production at Really Useful. This means as well as shooting, directing, editing content and creating new brands, I also oversee our various production crews and our post-production team.

That sounds like a heap of work!

We have many sites within both FAKEhub and SEXYhub and there are daily updates for both so we shoot a lot of content!

When it comes to the internationally recognized FAKE Taxi, what was your role in that site?

For FAKE Taxi, I came up with the concept of what the site was going to be about when we only had a name for it, how we were going to shoot it, what it looked like, [how it was edited], etc. I also brought in the taxi driver who wears the infamous face blur and gets busy in the taxi and worked closely with him to develop the site’s content, he now produces the vast majority of the FAKE Taxi content for us.

When it comes to AMAs, is this your first rodeo?

This is my first AMA but I know a bit about Reddit and I’ve read some AMA’s in the past!

The Reddit AMA starts at 5pm GMT / 12pm EST / 9am PST on Sunday, March 4th.

Written by TRENDZZ

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