FAKEhub Originals Creates ‘Atomic Babe’ As First Hollywood-Inspired Parody

A talk with the creators.

Do you like blonde bombshells, action sequences and some passionate feminine conflict? FAKEhub is here with their very first Hollywood-inspired parody, Atomic Babe XXX Parody, and it kicks ass.

We got to sit down with the creators over at FAKEhub to discuss the parody.

The scene follows protagonist, Alexis Crystal, as she raids a Berlin nightclub and encounters a French Intelligence Agent she hadn’t accounted for:

Badass blonde Alexis Crystal is Britain’s top spy on assignment in Berlin. As bass-heavy electronica blares in a thug-infested Berlin nightclub, Alexis is approached by French Intelligence agent, Anissa Kate. The  raven-haired femme fatale gets hot and heavy with Alexis; the two deadly ladies find themselves in front of the bar getting hot and heavy.

As they lock lips, Alexis discovers a secret about Anissa… little did she know, Anissa knows more about Alexis than she might think. The two set their differences aside in the name of passion, if only for one simultaneous orgasm.

Photo – FAKEhub (Atomic Babe XXX Parody)

What inspired FAKEhub to make this parody?

We’ve never made a Hollywood-inspired parody, not to mention, the source material features a really exciting, kick-ass, strong female lead and (spoiler alert) a very erotic lesbian sex scene, so we thought it would be a really fun parody to make. The models and crew enjoyed shooting the action sequences and trying to create our own unique cinematic look inspired by the source material’s lighting and costumes. Most importantly, this parody was something different and FAKEhub Originals are dedicated to giving FAKEhub members something new each week.

There seems to be a growing demand for ‘female-focused’ adult entertainment. Is this scene perhaps an attempt to cater to the female audience a little more?

We did not expressly create the parody for the purpose of catering to a ‘female-focused’ demographic. In fact, there is a rather sizeable amount of female members existing already on the FAKEhub network who enjoy our content. We like to think that this passionate romp is something for all mature audiences to enjoy.

Photo – FAKEhub (Atomic Babe XXX Parody)

When it came to casting, how did you settle on the lovely Alexis Crystal and French-beauty Anissa Kate?

We chose Alexis Crystal because she’s fit, tall, gorgeous, and she just seems like the kind of gal who can kick some butt. One glimpse at her toned abs when her dress is lifted up and you’ll be convinced!

Anissa Kate plays a role inspired by the French Intelligence Agent from the source movie. Similarly to the actress playing that part, Anissa is French, a brunette with beautiful brown come-to-bed eyes, and she’s also smoldering hot – so she was a perfect fit. We were very happy with the casting and when the girls got dressed up in their costumes everyone was nodding their heads in approval.

What were some of the most interesting/fun parts about shooting the parody?

I think the most fun part during the shooting was the action sequence. Alexis really enjoyed choreographing those moves, and the male extras seemed to enjoy pretending to get shot and beaten up by her! Seeing it come together in post-production was also very satisfying.

But of course, the sex scene was probably the most exciting part to shoot because after we did all the dialogue and action sequences, the girls were fired up and couldn’t wait to get into it. The sex scene is really passionate – so much so that we had to slow them down at times so the cameraman could capture everything! The acting beforehand was just foreplay for them and there was serious sexual tension in the air that finally got released once they got onto that bed.

Photo – FAKEhub (Atomic Babe XXX Parody)

What were some of the most difficult creative obstacles when it came to shooting the parody?

The most difficult part in terms of shooting was definitely making the action look exciting and convincing. With pretty tight schedules and limited stunt-doubles/choreographers, we considered making it more tongue-in-cheek. But we have a great production crew full of very creative people who understand filming/editing and who love this kind of challenge. They were able to execute the fast camera movements; the serious, intense faces; fake blood; muzzle flashes and gun sound effects.

Any hints as to what might be coming next from FAKEhub?

We have been developing a new brand the past few months which we are incredibly excited about. It’s entirely unique, takes place in the “FAKE” universe but is something unlike anything we’ve made before. I can honestly say that I’ve never been involved in a project like this; one where there have been so many moments when the crew and the actors have to stop because everyone is in hysterical laughter. We’re receiving an overwhelming amount of messages from models who want to be a part of it, and the ones who have already performed in scenes have said it’s some of the most fun they’ve ever had on set making a scene.

So to say we’re excited is an understatement. It’s called Fake Hostel, and it will be launched towards the end of this year. You can follow the progress of this new project on Twitter (@FakeHostel) and Instagram (@fakehostel) now where we’re posting daily behind the scenes pictures, clips and teasers in the run up to its big release!

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