Couples Halloween Costumes For 2016: What They Say About Your Relationship

Beware: some terribly cringe-worthy costumes ahead.
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Some couples painstakingly plan their costumes for weeks, while others make a last minute dash to their neighborhood costume warehouse. Whether they know it or not, the costumes couples wear speaks volumes about their relationship. Take a quick glance around the room at the next Halloween event you attend and you’ll see what we mean. Here’s what some of the most common costume pairings may say about the couples wearing them.

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Political Personas

These couples are making a clever political and satirical statement. A plethora of Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump costumes are sure to hit the streets on Halloween. Couples who dress as Hilary and her running mate, Tim Kaine, might be giving the impression that they’re a progressive couple and see eye-to-eye on important topics. Conversely, couples who don Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump costumes are saying “we don’t always see eye-to-eye but we bang anyway.” There’s also always the classic, hot Sarah Palin look and the sexually liberal Bill Clinton that basically says “we’re a very kinky couple”. Period.

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Quirky Outfits

He’s wearing a popular Twitter #Hashtag costume and she’s wearing a replica of a Banksy painting. They made their costumes themselves because they’re all about D.I.Y. Yes, it’s the infamously nauseating hipster couple. Easily spotted at every Halloween party. He’s rocking a handlebar mustache and a beard, and she has a pixie cut with a bumper sticker that says “feminism” on her car. They probably raise their own chickens and pass the eggs out to their neighbors after having “progressive woman-lead sex.”

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Sci-Fi/Comic Characters

Then there’s the couples dressed as Sci-Fi characters. Clearly they’re total nerds who haven’t missed a Comic-Con in the past 2 years they’ve been together. He’s dressed as Doctor Who and she’s wearing an Ellen Ripley costume, or she’s rocking a Princess Leia outfit and he’s doing his best Darth Vader impression. When they aren’t plotting on 4Chan, or telling their friends that they knew about something way before it was on the news because they saw it weeks before on Reddit, they might be playing video games for hours straight and stopping for the occasional sex break.

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Kinky Costumes

The couple that dresses up in latex from head-to-toe is definitely freaky-deaky. They’re telling the world, through their choice of costume, that they like to get down and dirty and they don’t care who knows. They’re comfortable with their sexuality, open-minded and like to have a good time. It wouldn’t be a surprise to know they enjoy tying each other up and spanking each other with paddles. They’re probably the first ones to leave a Halloween party since, you know, latex makes them horny. And if you’re thinking of trying it out as the characters from Fifty Shades, please, be safe and start slow!

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Pop Culture/Trending Personalities

That couple dressed as Justin Bieber and Katy Perry probably know all of the words to “Firework.” As long as they don’t break out in song, you won’t have to hit them over the head with a stick while dressed as Fred Flintstone. And let’s not forget the influx of Harley Quinn and Joker costumes that will be hitting the streets this year. We all know it’s going to happen, so let’s try and act surprised and hold in our vomit as much as possible. Couples wearing pop culture costumes likely have the newest iPhone and never miss an episode of Orange is the New Black. The sex is probably run-of-the-mill, but in their mind, they’re rock stars.

Written by Nikki Benz

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