5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Nikki Benz

She ran for Mayor of Toronto!

The darling Nikki Benz is arguably one of the world’s biggest pornstars – so of course we had to educate the public that Nikki is more than just a simple pornstar.

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  1. Nikki appeared in a DLC released for popular video game “Saints Row: The Third”

Saints Row is a game known for its bombastic take on the “open world” action genre – so it’s no surprise to us that they got one of the best pornstars in the world involved in some of the hottest DLC’s. Speaking on the topic, Nikki said “It was the coolest thing ever to see myself kick butt in a video game!”. We liked her butt in the game just as much.

  1. Nikki Benz ran for Mayor of Toronto

With the help of Brazzers, Nikki Benz launched her campaign to become Toronto’s next Mayor after Rob Ford’s tumultuous leadership of the city came to a screeching halt. Benz heavily promoted her campaign online, and even vowed to donate half of her salary as Mayor to a worthy cause chosen by the citizens of Toronto. And who can forget her catchy slogan “Trade in your Ford for a Benz!”

  1. Benz was born in Ukraine

While Nikki is most known for being a proud Canadian, she was originally born in Mariupol, Ukraine On December 11th 1981! Nikki moved when she was a very small child, and hasn’t looked back since.

  1. She owns her own company, Nikki Benz Inc.

Like any savvy businesswoman, Nikki likes to diversify her various sources of income. Beyond feature dancing, and shooting some of the best scenes for Brazzers Nikki owns and operates her own adult production company, Nikki Benz Inc.

  1. Nikki wants to swim with sharks

So everyone’s first question usually is “why would anyone want to swim with sharks.” I asked Nikki this, and she answered like a pro:

“Because they are majestic, misunderstood animals. And to prove to myself that I wasn’t afraid.”

You go girl! I would only swim with sharks if I was offered a large sum of money, or I was being offered the role of James Bond, or sharing a scene with her. Either way sex or money would get me in those waters…I’d rather sex with Nikki Benz.

There you have it. Do you feel the knowledge flowing through you?! Nikki is a force to be reckoned with, and we’re lucky to work with her as much as we do.

Written by Tom Wake

Medium build, long blonde hair, Hazel eyes, looking for a good time - call me. I know this isn't a personal ad, but when you get the chance, go for it.