Signs You’re Straight Killing It On A First Date

Learn to read the signs and you’ll be fine.


Meeting someone for the first time can be fraught with nerves and mixed signals. Sometimes you fail to make a connection, while other times you’re not exactly sure whether or not there was chemistry. If you’re wondering whether you’ll score a second date, look for these telltale signs that you totally hit it off.

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The Conversation Flows Naturally

An enthralling conversation is one of the most critical factors of a first date. If you and your date are struggling to find something to talk about, or if there are periods of awkward silence, don’t expect a second date. When two people have chemistry between them, conversation flows naturally and both become enveloped in the topic of discussion.

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There’s Flirty Touching

When your date genuinely laughs at all of your jokes and finds a reason to casually touch your arm, it’s a major sign that your date is totally into you. A casual touch in the middle of a conversation helps establish a deeper connection. It also increases the level of attraction and acts as a subtle way to draw someone closer. If your date is finding excuses to make casual physical contact, consider yourself hitting it off big time.

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The Date Lasts Longer Than Planned

When two people are enjoying each other’s company, the time seems to fly by without noticing. If your date is constantly glancing at the clock, it’s a sign that the date isn’t going that well. On the other hand, if you look up and find that more time has passed than either of you realized, it means that you’ve developed some chemistry and the date is going really well. If this happens you may even want to suggest going somewhere else after the date to continue getting to know each other.

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Holds Your Gaze

When it comes to connecting on a date, eye contact can be a major determinant of how your date feels about you. The length of time your date holds your gaze is a subtle clue as to whether the date is going well or not. We’re not talking about your date staring into your eyes like a lunatic, but rather, holding your gaze deeply for a few seconds every couple of minutes. Doing so can have a profound effect in making a lasting impression.

Written by Nikki Benz

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