What It’s Like Being A Photo Editor For Porn Companies

Boobs and booty all day, every day.
Photo – Brazzers (Wh*re Of Wall Street)

Do you remember first getting into porn? Chances are, you probably started with those sexy pictures on Google images when your parents weren’t home. Well you have the photo editors at adult companies like Brazzers to thank for that. Photo editors for porn companies deserve as much credit as their video-editing counterparts. So I reached out to Brazzers who was able to offer me their lead photo editor to provide some of her 5 years of experience as insight to those who might be interested in photo editing and the inner workings of the porn industry. To protect her privacy, she will be known as Chrissy.

Photo – Brazzers (Oversnatch XXX Parody)

What’s a typical day like when editing porn?

I have to be able to judge whether or not a photo is appealing. My goal is to select photos that will intrigue members and non-members alike. I want to show that Brazzers has hot girls, variety, and the best pornography in the business. The photos are the first things that are seen and must be beautifully HD, highly clickable, and ideally, existing members will stay and non-members will be won over and join the Brazzers community.

What is the photo editing process like – from the moment you receive content, to the moment the scene is released?

Once I receive content, I organize the images and filter them out to ensure only the best photos make it online. Once that is done, I narrow the scenes down to the best 15 photos, out of 500-1000 plus pictures. Within my top 15, I Photoshop, in detail, 6 scene photos and 1 model photo. Then I make my crops and upload them to the site. I also provide feedback on the content I received to ensure that our content continues to get better.

Photo – Brazzers (Harley in the Nuthouse XXX Parody)

Who are your favorite porn stars to edit? Why? 

There are a few, but I would say my current favorites would be Monique Alexander, Dani Daniels, Riley Reid and Ariana Marie. They are so photogenic that I often have a hard time narrowing down their photos. I love to have those options. They also don’t require much editing.

Do you have a mental checklist when going through photos?

For my initial selection process, I look at the girl first and foremost. Does she look hot? Does her face look sexy? Is her pose flattering? I also make sure that images are in focus and the lighting and color is good (although all these things can be adjusted and don’t make-or-break me choosing a photo if it’s hot). Sometimes I come across an image that is something I haven’t seen before which I usually like to test out. I want everything to seem natural and less posed – for the talent to seem in the moment and really into fvcking each other. Overall, the images need to be dynamic and catch the eye.

Photo – Brazzers (Junk In The Trunk)

Which photos seem to be the most popular? 

It’s difficult to say with certainty. I believe there are trends, but that it can also be situational. It can depend on who the picture is of. Sometimes the girl is so popular on her own that her photos will do well regardless. Great booty shots always do well – we are in the ‘big booty’/’Kim K’ era after all. Brazzers ‘story’ images also do well; I believe one of our strengths are the xxx worlds we’re able to create. Generally, images that present a story while remaining sexy are great. It’s all about intriguing people and luring them in. It’s all about the ‘tease’.

What have been your favorite photo sets to work on in your career (top 5?)

Oh man, this is a tough call. I’ve been doing this for years and have a Rolodex of scenes in my head. Here are some of the stand-outs but I could think of dozens more:

  1. I’m a movie/TV nerd so parodies are always fun. I enjoyed The Wh*re of Wall Street. It was one of our biggest productions and the first one of that caliber. The actual movie was super popular at the time and we managed to really capture key moments from the movie but with a Brazzers touch.
  2. Continuing with Parodies, Harley In the Nuthouse XXX Parody was cool. The photos taken were very different from any other scenes we’ve done and Riley really captured the insanity of Harley Quinn.

    Photo – Brazzers (Oversnatch XXX Parody)
  3. Oversnatch XXX Parody is one of our more recent parodies, and a lot of work went into it on all fronts. It was fun picking out a moment in the video that had VFX, taking a screen grab and enhancing them in such a way to make them consistent with our other high quality still images and beauty shots. They turned out super vibrant and unique from anything else we’ve done.
  4. Junk in the Trunk starring Jada Stevens and Sheena Shaw. First off, these ladies are super-hot with asses that don’t quit. Add in a sports car, sexy black lingerie and some oil, we got ourselves a hot scene. The glam pics were extremely sexy and I remember having such a difficult time narrowing it down.
  5. Mia Malkova’s White Yoga Pants. The yoga trend was getting hot and we landed ourselves a sexy contortionist. This allowed for many different positions, as one can imagine!
Photo – Brazzers (Wh*re of Wall Street)

What is the most common challenge you face when editing photos?

Overexposure, lighting, and color. Having to make these adjustments and make the images look cohesive can be tedious. Especially when images are overexposed, you tend to lose details in the photos and need to bring it back to life as much as possible.

Have you discovered anything interesting while editing photos?

I’ve never seen so many naked bodies in my life since working here, and I get all up in there because I have to zoom in. It’s interesting to see all the different body types and how there is really something for everyone. There is always this ‘conventional’ standard of beauty that tends to linger in the back of your mind, but I really get to see the many different shapes and features that people actually have. Regarding tastes when images go live on the site however, this can fluctuate largely. And someone I find to be gorgeous can be considered dull to members, and vice-versa.

Photo – Brazzers (White Yoga Pants)

What was the most interesting thing you’ve learned in your career as a photo editor?

How much a photo can be altered. I never look at magazine covers the same way. The skin is completely worked on, and some images are heavily liquefied to make the woman seem perfectly symmetrical and curvy in all the right places. Since becoming a photo-editor myself, I can spot it right away.

Do you have any advice for aspiring porn photo editors?

Don’t be distracted by the things you are seeing, get past the obvious and pay attention to the details. Bring out the best in the photos without altering the women to the point of them no longer looking like themselves. Also, when I first started here, it was rather overwhelming. Especially being female, and at the time, one of the few females working here, I had to sit there and discuss sex and why I chose the images I chose. I had to talk about penises (yes I still say penis, rather than one of the many interesting vernacular terms for it), penetration, anal D.P.s and more. Needless to say, at first it feels super awkward, especially since I’m pretty shy by nature. I got over it pretty quickly though, so hang in there newcomers! 😉

Written by Blake Fraser

Peanut butter aficionado, professional bad joke teller, and gamer to the end of my days.