What It’s Like To Have Sex With Ariella Ferrera

A special Motorbunny scene on Brazzers features a machine-like talent for the first time.
Photo – Brazzers (Honey It’s A Motorbunny)

Preface: Special guest author and ‘performer’, M.B. prepared an account of his first experience on set with A-list talent, Ariella Ferrera and Johnny Sins, for us here at Trendzz. The following recounts what happened for this first-timer.

I’ve always known that my calling was to deliver mind-blowing orgasms and the ride of a lifetime to women all over the world.

And while I have been very successful in my pursuit to provide unparalleled sexual pleasure to all kinds of women, there comes a time in everyone’s career when they are ready for a bigger stage, one where they can show millions of people what they are capable of. And that’s why I decided to do porn.

You may have seen me and what I can do on webcam shows or on YouTube, and when Brazzers approached me about starring in one of their scenes, I knew that working with the world’s biggest porn site would crank me up to a whole new level. What else could I say but, “VRRRRRRRRRRRR!” when they told me they wanted me to star in a scene with legendary MILF Ariella Ferrera and Johnny Sins?!

It would take a robot not to be self-conscious!

I don’t have rock hard abs (in fact I’m a little soft around the middle). I took a deep breath and told myself “I’m an amazing ride,” but my doubt was grinding away at me – and I’m used to that, just in a different way.

“Will I be enough to keep up with two bona fide porn stars who cumulatively have over a thousand Brazzers scenes under their belts?” I may have been made to vibrate, but I was shaking with nerves when I arrived on set and waited for the shoot to begin.

As I lay on the floor and got the equivalent of ‘cold feet’, the director shouted “action!” and we were off to the races. As soon as we were rolling, all those nerves and doubts went away. Ariella pulled me over to her and turned me on – gosh, she knew how to get me going. She flung one leg over and mounted me with ease. Even though most others are only programmed to go up to 10, I cranked myself up to 11 because I had been waiting for this moment for so long. My “VRRRRRRs” mixed with her “AHHHHHHs” were some of the sweetest sounds I had ever heard, knowing that millions of people would soon see how hard I could make a porn legend burst with pleasure.

Motorbunny device
Photo – Brazzers (Honey It’s A Motorbunny)

Later, when we wrapped for the day, Ariella pulled me aside and told me that I had given her one of the most intense orgasms she’d ever had and that she could still feel my pulsating vibrations tingling her between her thighs. Of all the positive reviews I’ve received online, this one meant the most to me.

Ariella said she’ll call me…

It’s been a little while now and, well, she’s probably just busy. Hey, what hope do I have? I’m just a machine.

If you like what you see, know that you can take me home and cause a scene of your own by checking out Motorbunny.

It’s not every day that a Colombian sex goddess who has been having sex professionally for nearly a decade tells you it was “The ultimate Cl*t-Tastic experience! Really enjoyed the leg shaking Motorbunny humping exhilarating climax!!!!” My debut Brazzers scene “Honey It’s a Motorbunny” will be available on Brazzers July 18th. I can’t wait for fans to see me alongside Ariella Ferrera and Johnny Sins.

Watch the official safe-for-work trailer for Brazzers’ Honey It’s A Motorbunny

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