How To Keep A Long Distance Relationship Going Strong

No, it’s not impossible to do.

Long-distance relationships can be just as satisfying and enriching as dating someone who is geographically close to you. As a matter of fact, a Cornell University study found that couples in long-distance relationships are more likely to open up to each other on a deeper level, thus facilitating a deeper level of emotional intimacy. However, keeping long-distance relationships going strong requires different strategies than a geographically close relationship.

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Set Meet Up Dates

Seeing each other in person enhances the quality of your relationship. Therefore, it’s important to set up dates to meet up with each other. It’s much easier to cope with the distance when you both know when you’ll be seeing one another, and have something to look forward to. Don’t just set dates to hang out, make each time you see each other an experience. Plan something together each time that will be memorable.

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Take Advantage of Technology

Today, it’s easier than ever before to stay connected without being in the same geographical location. Whether you use text, video chat, email, or instant messenger, you have numerous options at your disposal to help you lovers stay in touch. Using various forms of technology for daily communication plays a role in relationship satisfaction in long-distance relationships, according to the Cornell study. Keep communication open and communicate often to maintain strong a bond in the relationship.

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Do Things Together Even While Apart

Just because you’re not in the same city, doesn’t mean you can’t do things together. Find things you have in common and ways that you can do things together, whether it be watching a certain TV show, playing a video game, or reading the same book. You can even Snapchat or Skype your day exclusively to your lover while they watch you out and about – then switch it up and try having her do the same. Doing things together is a way to stay connected, interact with each and enjoy time with one another. It also gives you experiences to talk about and have in common.

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Send Each Other Surprise Gifts

Couples that live close to one another can easily go shopping together and get each other gifts. For those who are not geographically close, a fun alternative is to send each other surprise gifts. Don’t tell each other what you’re getting, or when you’re sending it. This lets the other person know that you’re thinking of them and it makes them feel cared for and pretty darn loved. 

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What additional tips and tricks would you suggest to someone in a long distance relationship? Let me know in the comments below!

Written by Nikki Benz

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