How To Keep A Healthy Hard-On

We might save you a trip to the drug store.

Ever wonder why there’s a Viagra warning to seek medical attention in the event of an erection that exceeds four hours? One word, gents: priapism. Priapism is a prolonged, and painful erection.

Basically, blood gets trapped in your penis… and it stays there.

The side effects? Well, if it isn’t dealt with promptly, you can develop ED, as well as other long-term damage to your member.

Even to those who can’t get it up, priapism is a serious matter. In the interest of helping you keep your junk in tiptop shape, we’ve put together a practical list of tips to maintaining your wood. This is not medical advice. If you’ve got some serious erection issues, it’s best to consult your doctor.

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Big surprise here guys: getting nice and ‘swoll’ in the gym means that you’re also far likelier to stay ‘swoll’ in the pants. Better vascularity means that your penile arteries stays flushed of deposits that could potentially stop you from getting stiff. And there’s an added bonus, too: the more weight you lose in your fat pad, the bigger your penis gets. Huzzah!

Seriously, though, beyond the myriad benefits of working out, a good fitness regime will improve your blood flow and help keep your ‘Johnson’ nice and healthy.

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Again, we all know about the general benefits that come from kicking a smoking habit. One of them you might not have heard about: quitting smoking leads to better penile health. In addition to actually damaging the tissues of your penis, cigarettes wreak havoc on your blood vessels. Also, in case you didn’t know, studies have shown that smoking can shrink your dink. So… there’s that.


Who doesn’t like the occasional libation? Keeping your drinking down to the recommended daily dose can also go a long way to keeping your unit functional. Serious drinking, much like smoking, can inhibit your blood flow but it can also destroy your libido. Look, I’m not advising kicking completely, just a little bit of moderation. When you’re in your mid-seventies, virile as a young stallion, you’ll be thanking yourself.

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There are foods that are actually scientifically proven to help keep you hard. Things like garlic, citrus fruits, beets, oysters, blueberries, leafy greens, raw dark chocolate, chili peppers and pomegranate are all dick delicacies—plus they’re just generally healthy for you. Abstaining from foods that are high in trans-fats is also a good idea, since fat can block up those veins and mess with your circulation.

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It’s hard to stay hard when you’ve got something on your mind that’s bothering you. Stress, the silent killer, can also kill boners. Obviously, telling yourself to be less stressed isn’t going to do anything, so look at ways of distracting yourself or expending that negative energy in a productive way. Yoga, pilates and meditation are all great methods for practicing mindfulness and mental discipline. Fitness is also extremely effective, too. Whatever the case, keeping stress out of your life is a great way to stay healthy.


Keeping your package healthy is extremely important and these are all techniques that are proven to be effective in doing just that. If you’re committed to maintaining a healthy sex life, this is a great place to start. Oh, and like it says on the back of any ED medicine—in the event of an erection that last over four hours, contact a healthcare provider.

Written by Blake Fraser

Peanut butter aficionado, professional bad joke teller, and gamer to the end of my days.