James and Alexa: My Friend’s Sex Doll Romance

Its very real.
Photo – Imagozone | Lars and the Real Girl

If you’ve seen Lars and the Real Girl, you know a little something about sex dolls. If not, they’re lifelike silicone male and female dolls that cost around six thousand dollars, though can run for plenty more if you’re looking to customize them. These dolls are primarily used for sex, making them the most expensive sex toys out there and their owners are pretty tight-lipped when it comes to their synthetic playmates because of the stigma, which is why I’m extremely lucky to personally know a member of the doll community. Let’s call him James. This is James’ story.

By twenty-seven, James was still a virgin. More than that, he was upset that he was still a virgin. When he’d get around girls, you could practically smell the virginity on him. He was desperate, awkward… sometimes chicks were flat out creeped out by the way he’d just stare at them without saying anything. James would tell you he’d never lose his virginity because he was ugly as hell, but that wasn’t true. He was just too intense and it made women uncomfortable.

Photo – IBTimes

James discovered sex dolls online; he’d been watching a porno and realized, about halfway through, that the man was having sex with a doll. That’s how real it’d looked to him. As soon as he discovered them, he wanted one, but being strapped for cash, he had no way to actually go out and buy one. So he saved up. He quit smoking and after a year, he put in his order for a synthetic doll, which—according to the website—would be handcrafted and would take over eighty hours to make.

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The doll arrived at James’ apartment in a huge box that, according to him, more closely resembled a coffin. He’d later tell me that he’d never been so excited before in his life. To him, the stigma of virginity was about to be scrubbed away and with a woman who, in real life, would be considered way out of his league. James unpacked the crate and came face-to-face with a big-breasted blonde, whom he dubbed Alexa. That first night, according to James, was extremely awkward.

For one, Alexa was a lot heavier than he’d expected. Awkwardly, he had to haul her to his bed and gently lay her down so that her metal skeleton wouldn’t damage her silicone exterior. Then, his heart rattling away in his chest, he tried to have sex with her. This too, proved more complicated than he’d imagined. Her legs were stiff, so the missionary position was out of the question. It would take time and repeated use to make her taut body more pliant to him. Still, he managed.

Around this time, James admitted to us all, his friends, that he’d finally lost his virginity. None of us knew who with, but he underwent a strange transformation. He became more casual, more at ease with women, and they noticed it too. It wasn’t until later, when he introduced us to Alexa, that we knew the full truth.

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Alexa, who we all heard about before actually meeting her, sounded almost too good to be true, if you trusted everything James said about her. We were happy for him, sure, but all of us got the sense that either things were going too fast between them, or that something just wasn’t how we expected it to be.

I was the first to meet her. I remember James sort of priming me for the experience. He stopped me before the door to his apartment and rested his hand on my shoulder, as if to reassure me.

“Look,” he said. “Alexa’s… not what you think.”

I asked him what he meant, and he shrugged and opened the door. There, sitting casually on the couch was a woman in a silk robe whom, upon first take, looked like a film star. It took a good two minutes for it to register. Alexa wasn’t a real woman. She was a doll. I glanced at James and he was still looking at her all googly-eyed.

“I know,” he said, before I could cut in. “I’m not crazy. I love her.”

As weird as it seemed to us all, we accepted it because, well, it made James happy and because of that he was more confident in himself as a person. Now, he’s dating. Alexa’s still a big part of his life and perhaps thanks to her, he’s doing something he never thought possible: seeing real women.


Written by Hugh Jasse

An eloquent soul, a lover of women, fine wine, and travel. I can often be spotted aboard a skiff in Santorini, catching rays and artfully plucking at my lute.