How To Go Above And Beyond As A Porno Fan

Yes, you can do more than jerk off to us to support us.

Yes, we all know that secretly many of us are big fans of porn – especially our beloved porn stars who’s social media we follow rather religiously. So, in order to show your favorite stars some extra love, here’s a few ways you can go above and beyond with your support.


First off, a simple message of respect goes a long way. I’ll let this message speak for itself.


Help Promote Projects

At one time, marketing to the masses required some serious advertising dollars. Nowadays, social media is the most powerful, (pseudo-)free medium through which to reach an audience. An overlooked way to show your support as a fan is to simply retweet or publicly shout-out a project your favorite porn star is promoting.

Photo – Fleshlight/Nikki Benz

If for example, someone you follow announces that she’s the newest Fleshlight girl, *wink, wink* 😉 retweeting her post will help get the word out. Everyone seems to retweet when a porn star posts boobie pictures, but not as many do so when it’s about something that really matters, like a current, or upcoming project.

Donate to Causes

Whether it’s the ASPCA fighting against animal cruelty, or the National Breast Cancer Foundation aiming to raise awareness; porn stars are very vocal about the causes they support. When you follow your favorite porn star and she posts about the causes that she’s passionate about, take note. A great way to show support for a performer is to donate to organizations and charities that are important to her.

Photo – Pornhub Cares

Bonus: it’s a nice gesture that might just get you noticed. Instead of telling your favorite porn star you’re her biggest fan and begging her to follow you back on Twitter, make a donation in her name to a cause she backs and Tweet out your support. You might just get a follow back. Even you don’t, at least she’ll know that you’re a true fan.

Protect the Industry

On May 3rd, 2016, OSHA cited San Francisco-based adult company Kink with violations that included not requiring performers to wear condoms. The proposed penalties include over $146,000 in fines. In March of 2016, OSHA slapped production companies with similar violations and fines totaling close to $80,000.

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Photo – Brazzers (The C.E.Hoe)

Anti-porn legislation is a significant detriment to the adult industry. If you consider yourself a fan of a particular porn star or the industry itself, it’s crucial that you vote against anti-porn legislation. Going to hearings and speaking out on behalf of the adult industry is another way to fight anti-porn laws. You can also donate to pro-porn advocacy groups such as the Adult Performers Advocacy Committee.


There’s always something you can do to show your support as a true fan. Have you done anything interesting to display your fandom? Let us know!

Written by Nikki Benz

Life lesson provider, Pomeranian lover, and Adult Industry specialist. Don of the #BenzMafia.