A Porn Star’s Advice: How Not To Be A F*ckboy

Straight-talk from someone who deals with professional f*ckboys.
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We have all long used derogatory terms to refer to women, be it c*nts, t.h.o.t.s., b*tches, sl*ts, and oh so many other creative words. It’s only fair that we now have a modern day, male-oriented, counterpart term, “f*ck boy”, to use at our disposal. According to Huffpost, the exact origin is the subject of debate, but the term can be found on the Internet as far back as the early 2000’s. It has taken on new shape in recent years, and while definitions vary, the term is most often used to describe a man who doesn’t respect women and uses them sexually.

Blogs and websites have had a field day with the term, publishing articles that tell women how to spot f*ckboys and why they should stay away from f*ckboys. However, almost no articles focus on telling guys how not to be f*ckboys. Keep reading to find out how to avoid this label.

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Stop Objectifying Women

Here’s the scenario, a cute chick swipes right on your Tinder profile and the first thing you do is send her a message like (this is a slightly more ‘classy’, polished version), “Hey sexy! Would love to see that body of yours without clothes. Got any nudes?” If the first conversation you have with a woman is you asking her for nude photos without so much as introducing yourself, or having a normal conversation, then you’ll certainly be labeled a f*ckboy. Likewise, don’t send women unsolicited dick pics. She’s just going to make a meme labeled “f*ckboy” and send it to her friends so they can all laugh at you. Treat women like human beings and not objects.

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Drop the Pick-Up Lines

Sorry to tell you, but most women consider men who rely on pick-up lines sleazeballs and f*ckboys. It says your only goal is to find someone, anyone who is dumb enough to fall for your cheesy pick-up line, to go home with you. Try introducing yourself and having a real conversation. Sometimes, simply saying ‘hello’ and asking if you can buy a girl a drink is all you need to break the ice. Chivalry isn’t dead, and smooth introductions aren’t either.

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Ditch the Mind-Games

You go on a date with a woman and give her the impression that you had a good time and want to see her again. Then, you drop off of the face of the planet for three weeks and suddenly text her out of the blue at 3 am on a Saturday saying: “You up?” Or, you’ve been dating a girl for several months, but refuse to make it an official relationship. Perhaps you treat her wonderfully when it’s just the two of you, but turn into a douche when you’re in a public setting. But the absolute worst is when you start ghosting a girl who genuinely likes you. If any of this sounds familiar, get your act together, otherwise women will label you a f*ckboy.

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Be Respectful Even in the Face of Rejection

How many times have you heard this story; guy hits on girl, girl rejects his advances, guy starts calling her every name in the book. It usually goes something like this:

Guy: Hey sexy, I noticed you were by yourself over here at the bar, can I get you a drink?

Girl: No thanks.

Guy: F*ck you then bitch, you aren’t all that, I only came over here because you looked like a slut.

Yeah, if you’re doing this kind of f*ckboy maneuver, stop, just stop right now. Rejection is a part of life. Keep it respectful and keep it moving.

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Quit Freeloading off of Women

Don’t dig around in your pockets and then claim that you forgot your wallet when the waiter brings the check. Don’t tell her that you’re going to be a superstar DJ and that you just need her to pay $10,000 for the equipment. Don’t ask to move in with her because your parents are tired of you still living at home. Whenever in doubt, just think of how you would want someone to treat your sister, mother, or daughter, and be that man.

Written by Nikki Benz

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