The Brazzers Guide To ‘Fapping’

Fapping can be a beautiful thing.

The art of fapping is a beautiful thing. Feeling down and need a pick-me-up? Feeling good and want to feel better? Got nothing else to do and you’re bored? Fapping will solve all these problems. Here is Brazzers’ guide to a good fap session.

Photo – KoK GTA

Step 1: Preparation
Preparation is key. You don’t want to just jump right in to it and regret not being more prepared after c*m is exploded all over your walls. Be sure to have plenty of tissues for cleanup, and maybe a selection of lube if you’re feeling extra fancy.

Step 2: Positioning
Do you want to be lying down? On your knees? Next to your computer? Holding your phone while you’re standing in the shower? Whatever you’re most comfortable with is what you should go with, because those 3 minutes will suck if your leg cramps up.

Step 3: Privacy
Lock your door, do it for Grandma before she walks in and gets a heart attack!

Step 4: Video Selection
Now for the most important part, video selection. This may take you 2 hours, but you must select with great caution. Nothing sucks more than finding an even better video right after you just exploded in to one of your socks. Take your time, explore all the categories and niches and random words you can think of to put in to a porn site’s search engine.
When you finally find that video, skim through it first to make sure you won’t blast off right when the camera cuts to the guy’s face. That would just be awkward.

Written by TRENDZZ

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