A Brazzers Script Writer Reveals His Most Creative Scenes

He’s the guy you insult when you jokingly say: “I watch porn for the plot”
Photo – Brazzers (The Cat’s Meow)

We reached out to a scriptwriter in the porn biz to give us some insight into what scripts are the best received on porn sites. Here’s what Brazzers scriptwriter, “$-Money”, had to say about his noble job helping Brazzers fans get off.

“[As scriptwriters] we all know why you log onto Brazzers. It’s not just because we’ve got the best porn stars on speed dial and offer you unparalleled high quality adult entertainment – typical sales pitch here. Basically, we know that our clients don’t just log onto Brazzers to fap to the hottest tits and asses: they c*m to Brazzers for the spectacle.

Photo – (My Uncle’s GF Wants My Dick!)

Yes, spectacle. You want more bang for your buck, or rather, stories that give a f*ck. We’re more than happy to provide our members with the erotic tales that they’ve come to expect from ZZ.

Sure, it’s porn and sex is going to happen, but our audience has indicated a clear interest in finding out how. What’s the setting? What’s the characters’ motivation? What’s she wearing before she gets naked and riding cowgirl, off into the sunset of an orgasm?  For these reasons, we all know that story matters and Brazzers remains the only adult site with the ability to showcase porn stars who can not only perform, but act as well. It’s what makes every scene update for our sub-sites unique and keeps our members happy, and most importantly, coming back for more.

kagney linn
Photo – Brazzers (Deez Tits For President)

Whether it be surreal or realistic, funny or dramatic, we’ve continued to provide our fans with epic tales of naughtiness. Having penned over 200 scenes, here’s a few of my most creative to write:

9673-rws_cassidy_chanel (10)-min
Photo – Brazzers (The Wettest Dream)

The Cheating Wife

Real Wife Stories continues to be a popular destination for our members because they know where to find all the coolest cheating wife stories! There’s nothing hotter than watching how the drama unfolds, especially in such scenes as “To Catch A Cheat” and “The Wettest Dream”. I’m also quite proud of the plot for “Oh No You Don’t!”, which features a surprise ending—and I’m not talking about the c*mshot. These are just a few of my favorite scenes to write because the story is an important tool to build-up dramatic tension while making the sex even hotter! Just watch “Dinner For Sl*ts” and see for yourself.

Porn Parodies

Another classic porn niche is taking your favorite Hollywood movies and characters and making them into a porn parody. A great example is our Storm of Kings XXX Parody that made headlines around the world. I had the honor of writing a Spider-Man parody titled “The Cat’s Meow”, featuring my purr-sonal favorite superhero, The Black Cat. I enjoyed writing about everyone’s favorite web-slinger getting himself into a sticky situation with his busty sidekick. A secret from the writer’s room: we will be pumping out more parodies in the near future, so stay tuned ;).

9584_plib veronica_avluv (1)-min
Photo – Brazzers (The Wh*re in the Lot)

The Porn Star Phantasm

Ever wish a sexy porn star would just appear out of nowhere, horny and DTF? Well, those just happen to be one of my favorites to write about, specifically for our sub-site Pornstars Like It Big. Look no further than “The Sl*t In The Shower” and “The Wh*re In The Lot” for some laughs while you wank. Feeling a flair for the dramatic? Then check out the two-part series, “It Swallows”.  Since these script ideas are a big hit amongst our members, you can look forward to a lot more scenes in which our wildest fantasies—and porn stars—come to life!

After all, isn’t that what porn is all about?

Written by Tom Wake

Medium build, long blonde hair, Hazel eyes, looking for a good time - call me. I know this isn't a personal ad, but when you get the chance, go for it.