5 Solid Reasons To Avoid Hooking Up With Your Neighbor

The ‘girl (or guy) next door’ isn’t always what (s)he seems, especially after you banged them.

There is an obvious pro when it comes to hooking up with a neighbor. The primary benefit is that it is extremely convenient when you only have to walk a few steps to get some nookie. But, that’s about where the benefits end. The potential negatives, far outweigh the positives. So next time you see your sexy neighbor, resist the urge to be anything more than neighbors. The ‘girl (or guy) next door’ isn’t always what (s)he seems.

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Bringing Someone Else Home

A big drawback that comes with hooking up with your neighbor is that it makes it challenging to bring someone else home. Your neighbor is in close proximity and can see, and in some cases, hear when you bring someone else home. If you’re a girl and your neighbor is a guy, this is particularly challenging because guys are territorial. Even if you’re not dating your neighbor, he still doesn’t want to see another guy going over to your place to hook up. Heck, you may not want to see him bringing another girl home either.

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You Can’t Lie About Your Whereabouts

When you’re hooking up with someone who isn’t your neighbor, it’s easy to lie about your whereabouts on those days that you just don’t feel up to seeing him. Unfortunately, when you’re banging your neighbor – who can see your comings and goings – it’s not so easy to lie about your whereabouts. When he invites you over, your go-to story about staying in because you don’t feel well, won’t work when he sees you going out with friends later that night.

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Uncomfortable Drop-Ins

Neighbors are chummy and that’s great. But, once you start banging your neighbor she’s going to feel comfortable enough to drop by your place unannounced whenever it suits her. In the beginning you might actually enjoy the company, but after a while it’s going to become a nuisance. If you have another girl over, or are hanging out with your buddies, it’s not so fun when your neighbor does an unannounced pop-in. At this point, you might start to resent ever banging your neighbor in the first place.

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Loss of Privacy

When you first hooked up with your neighbor, you probably didn’t stop to think of how it would affect your privacy. Think about it, your neighbor knows when you’re home, when you have people over, when you’ve gone shopping, when you’re out, when you’re cooking…pretty much everything. Depending on how close she lives, she may even be able to hear your phone conversations. Hooking up with your neighbor means the end of your privacy as you know it.

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Awkward When It Ends

Your great hookup rotation with your neighbor will inevitably end, and when it does, it will be awkward. You definitely cannot ghost them or bench them. There’s nothing more awkward than ending a hook up with a neighbor and having to see them on a regular basis. There’s no escaping when your hook up lives in such close proximity. It may get awkward to the point where you may consider moving. But, what if moving is not an option? Now you’re stuck feeling awkward every time you see the neighbor that you used to bang.

Written by Nikki Benz

Life lesson provider, Pomeranian lover, and Adult Industry specialist. Don of the #BenzMafia.