11 Things You Didn’t Know About Me: Cristi Ann

UFOs, ex-aspiring nun, and snakehandler – in more ways than one!

If you were to find Cristi Ann on some dating site, you might just fall for her UFO stories and athletic lifestyle. If you’re sold on that and you wanted to pick her up, you could just throw in a cheesy line about her being as sweet as a grape and she’ll know why 😉 (because let’s be honest we all know that picking up pornstars with pick up lines doesn’t work very well…).

Photo – Brazzers (Getting Messy With the Wifey)

Here are 11 things you didn’t know about Cristi Ann!

1. I love scary movies – but I still watch them with my eyes covered.

2. I’m very active and love sports ❤ I ran a half marathon at age 19!

3. I’m really superstitious. I hold my breath when passing cemeteries because I’m afraid I’ll breathe in a spirit and it will posses my body… no jokes.

4. I saw a UFO with my brother and sister when I was a kid … #Aliens.

5. In my kindergarten year book it says that I wanted to be a nun or a grape when I grow up. Clearly being a nun didn’t pan out – and well, grapes were just my favorite food!

6. I have a nasty scar on my right calf from being bitten by a brown recluse spider when I was 17!

This is me Sexting

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7. I cook a lot! I prefer my cooking over that in most restaurants.

8. When I was 14 my sister and I went on an expedition with the BFRO (Bigfoot Research Organization) to Lakeland, Florida to look for the infamous Floridian ‘Skunk-ape’.

9. To this day, I’m a deathly afraid of haunted houses. I can never go in one. I paid money to go to the Universal Studios ‘Halloween Horror Nights’ and didn’t end up going to any of the haunted houses. I just ended up sitting on a bench the entire time crying because it was too scary.:disappointed_relieved:.. 🙁

Buddy !

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10. I can webcam and watch guys jerk off to me but the thought of phone sex scares me! Figure that!

11. I dated a guy that was a Ball Python snake breeder. He had over 300 snakes in his house – and one trouser snake.

It happened !! Hey where’s mike ?!#cristiann

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BONUS: I’ve got this same Mike Tyson tribal face tattoo in henna ink twice already. I just secretly really, really want one 😉

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Written by Tom Wake

Medium build, long blonde hair, Hazel eyes, looking for a good time - call me. I know this isn't a personal ad, but when you get the chance, go for it.